Long and short terms causes of the civil rights movement 

1921 North and South to August 1969

Four evenings of public lectures and discussions took place in Belfast, Derry/ Londonderry, Dungannon and Larne between February and March 2019. The series was designed to take a longer term view of the causes and origins of the civil rights campaigns in Northern Ireland based on the historical record.

Chaired by Dr Eamon Phoenix

A four-part series with inputs from historians and discussion with member of the audience.

Session 1: Belfast: 1921-1968 North and South the two Irelands


  • Dr Eamon Phoenix The development of Northern Ireland, maintaining the integrity of NI, demographics, PR, gerrymandering and discrimination
  • Professor Henry Patterson The development to the new Irish state
  • Dr Russell Rees – Labour  Government, Welfare State 19465 and Labour’s missed opportunity to reform NI.

Session 2 : Derry Londonderry: Change without change: from Welfare State to O’Neill


  • Professor Emmet O’Connor The left, republicanism and civil rights
  • Dr Eamon Phoenix Northern Ireland from foundation to 1969
  • Dr Goretti Horgan  Women in civil rights movement

Session 3: Larne: O’Neillism and the rise of the civil rights movement


  • Dr Margaret O’Callaghan O’Neillism and the rise of Paisleyism
  • Dr Myrtle Hill – Derry housing agitation and campaign for social Justice
  • John Gray – Reflections on Northern Ireland and civil rights movement

Session 4: Dungannon: From Craigavon Bridge to August 1969


  • Dr Eamon Phoenix Rise of the civil rights movement
  • Professor Lawrence Kirkpatrick The role of churches and
  • Brid Rodgers Reflections on Northern Ireland and civil rights movement


The Role of Republicans in NI Civil Rights. Dispelling the Myths.

16th April 2019 – Duncairn Centre for Culture and Arts


  • Michael Donnelly – President Workers Party of Ireland
  • Dympna McGlade – Deputy Chairperson Commemoration Committee
  • Malachi O’Doherty – Commentator,Author and Journalist
  • Marian Donnelly – Secretary and Founder Member South Derry Civil Rights Association