Tribute to the late Paddy O’Hanlon

PADDY O’HANLON , who has died aged 64, was a civil rights activist, a founder member of Northern Ireland’s Social Democratic and Labour Party, and the party’s chief whip during the ill-fated powersharing administration at Stormont in the 1970s.

Civil Rights Then and Now, 1968-2008 QUB Seminar Michael Farrell

This seminar has been organised to mark the 40th anniversary of the Civil Rights movement in Northern Ireland but this year also marks the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and I would like to begin with a quote from the Preamble to that Declaration:

“Whereas it is essential if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law”

The Civil Rights Movement and the Lessons for Today

Labour Party Conference, 29th November 2008, Michael Farrell I very much welcome the decision of the Labour Party to mark the 40th anniversary of the Civil Rights movement in Northern Ireland and I am honoured to be asked to speak about it tonight and to try to draw some lessons for the present day, And, … Read more

Civil Rights, 1968, and all that…

History Ireland Articles PDF Please click the link above to download the pdf file of the articles… These three articles appeared in History Ireland September/October 2008, volume 16 No. 5 An accompanying editorial said: The difference in 1968 was the advent of a university-educated generation fired up by the example of Selma Alabama, Paris ’68, … Read more

Newry Peoples Democracy Civil Rights Commemoration Event

Newry Peoples Democracy Civil Rights Commemoration EventFriday 14 November 2008 at 8 pm in Newry Arts Centre. The Debate is`That the Civil rights movement was not allowed to succeed` Proposing is Finbar Doherty, Derry citizens action committee and Margo Collins, Sec. Newry PD. Opposing is Austin Currie, former M.P andT.D. and leader of Caledon squat … Read more

Bloody Sunday Film Shown in Derry

An appreciative audience packed Derry’s Orchard Cinema to watch Paul Greengrass’s harrowing film “Bloody Sunday” . The film was preceded by a performance by the Screaming Blue Murder Poets group. The performance was a tribute to those who struggled for Civil Rights throughout Europe and the US in 68 and those currently in struggle.The film … Read more

‘Freedom from division gave civil rights impact’

Andrea McKernon Irish News 06/10/08 THE Northern Ireland Civil Rights movement had such a huge impact because it was free from the divisions of sectarianism, Irish President Mary McAleese has said. Mrs McAleese made the comments at a conference in Derry at the weekend to mark the 40th anniversary of civil rights campaign. The conference … Read more