And here’s to you Mrs Mary Robinson

By Susan McKay Irish News Columnist 26/08/08 There’s something about Mary Robinson. As one of the world’s leading human rights activists, she is a formidable woman and an outstandingly brave one. She moves among world leaders and is a personal friend of Nelson Mandela’s. But she has not lost her belief in the importance of … Read more

Robinson criticises plan to merge human rights bodies

Robinson criticises plan to merge human rights bodies Mary Robinson: human rights bodies “need to be invigorated” SUSAN McKAY IRISH TIMES 25 AUGUST 2008 CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT COMMEMORATION: FORMER PRESIDENT Mary Robinson has sharply criticised a Government proposal to merge a number of human rights agencies. Speaking yesterday, she said bodies like the Equality Authority … Read more

Memorial Stone Commemorates March

By Ashleigh McDonald – Originally Published: Irish News 25 August 2008 A MEMORIAL stone to commemorate the first ever civil rights march in Northern Ireland was unveiled this weekend in the centre of Coalisland. Around 300 people attended the unveiling, which took place in the Co Tyrone town on Saturday afternoon. Yesterday marked the 40th … Read more

Time for mixed housing estates

Irish News Editorial – 23/06/08 The debate over housing in Northern Ireland has changed beyond recog-nition since the injustices which forced Austin Currie and others into a dramatic intervention 40 years ago this week. Back in 1968 many unionist-controlled district councils were able to routinely discriminate against Catholics during the allocation of public authority homes. … Read more

Protest at Caledon was a ‘catalyst for change’

By John Manley Irish News 23/06/08 THE SDLP was always the “party of housing”, social development minister Margaret Ritchie told a conference to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Caledon protest. Entitled ‘Housing Rights for All’, the event at Armagh City Hotel on Saturday was addressed by the key participant in the protest, Austin Currie. … Read more